Jiroemon Kimura, the world’s oldest living man, celebrated his 115th birthday on Thursday and shared his secret to a long life. “I’m delighted beyond words,” Kimura told The Telegraph. Kimura, who lives in Kyoto, Japan, isn’t just the world’s oldest living man, but the third oldest man ever in history and oneContinue Reading

CNN Newsroom

Liberia is a beautiful country on the coast of West Africa.  Recently, this country has made vast improvements since the civil war tore apart the nation several years ago.  CNN’s Brenda Bush had a segment on CNN Newsroom about how the country is improving.  It really is an interesting interviewContinue Reading

We’re so happy that you made it to Good World News!  We hope that reading these stories makes you smile as much as they do to us 🙂 This all began when two brothers Jon and Jeremy, agreed that they wanted to make a positive impact on the world.  Continue Reading