“It was a struggle.  It was rough,” Elijah says of his time growing up in Compton, where only a little over half of students graduate high school.  He remembers a defining moment when he was little:  “It was kind of late at night, my mom ran into my room, andContinue Reading

Born and raised in Chicago, and now playing for the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose has always been an active member of the Chicago community. Derrick Rose recently donated $1 Million to After School Matters. After School Matters is a non-profit organization that offers Chicago high school teens innovative out-of-school activitiesContinue Reading

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14-year old Jacob Cramer wants to cheer up lonely elderly people and he’s chosen an old-fashioned way of doing it. He is writing letters. Since July 2013, Jacob has recruited friends, and even organizations, to help compose personal letters for delivery to senior centers. So far, strangers have reached outContinue Reading

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Germany soccer midfielder Mesut Ozil truly appreciated host nation Brazil’s hospitality throughout the world tournament.  He enjoyed and appreciated it so much so, that he has announced that he will sponsor sugeries of 23 Brazilian children, one for every member of his World Cup winning Germany team.  Sports in soContinue Reading

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More than 300 people in developing countries who were in need of wheelchairs have all received them thanks to the efforts of one 11-year-old boy from Utah.  11-year-old Zack Francom proud owner of Zack’s Shack lemonade stand got the idea in 2010 when his school had a fundraiser to helpContinue Reading

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Typically during summer, families take exotic trips or trips around the country with their families for pleasure. What would your reaction be if your parents told you that you would be taking a 20 day trip around the country, not exactly for site seeing, but to be doing chores? DespiteContinue Reading

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Crosstown rivals Simi Valley High (California) and Royal High featured a field-goal kicking competition during halftime of their game.  What’s the prize you ask…how about a brand new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro valued around $24,000!    Former Simi Valley student Invictus Igwe may have had a leg up on his competitionContinue Reading

A dinosaur is floating around the International Space Station.  NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, a flight engineer orbiting the Earth since May, stitched together the olive green toy, the first stuffed animal created in space, in her spare time.  She made the toy giant lizard from the Velcro-like fabric that linesContinue Reading

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Karrie Brown’s dream came true last month when her favorite clothing company, Wet Seal, asked her to model for them.  The 17-year-old high school junior isn’t like most other models –  she has Down Syndrome.  “It was really fun,” said Karrie, who describes her style as “biker chick.”Karrie’s mom hasContinue Reading