A simple idea to combat loneliness on the school playground – the buddy bench!  Christian, a first grader, saw a picture of a pretty bench, had an idea, and approached his principal.  He knew that some kids looked like they were lonely at recess, and he thought that a bench,Continue Reading

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You know what they always say – Dogs are an elephant’s best friend :)…I think that’s what they say.  Anyway, Bubbles (the elephant) and Bella (a black lab) became close friends when they were both young.  As they grew (especially Bubbles), their friendship grew even larger.  They enjoy playing catchContinue Reading

Image Credit Kristian Schmidt for WildAid

Eileen McGuirk was battling cancer and didn’t feel well enough to host visitors inside the hospital.  Her friends thought of a way that they could all give her a “pick me up” without going into the hospital….a flash mob outside her window 🙂 It was all Eileen’s husband’s idea.  HeContinue Reading