Friends form flash mob for cancer patient

Image Credit Kristian Schmidt for WildAid
Image Credit Kristian Schmidt for WildAid

Eileen McGuirk was battling cancer and didn’t feel well enough to host visitors inside the hospital.  Her friends thought of a way that they could all give her a “pick me up” without going into the hospital….a flash mob outside her window 🙂

It was all Eileen’s husband’s idea.  He originally asked a few friends, but the idea spread and 200 people showed up!

They danced for her and formed a heart.  They also passed a phone around so they could talk with her while the “mob” performed. 

“We kind of moved the phone around the crowd and let know.. say ‘hi Eileen’ and ‘we love you,’” said Eileen’s co-worker, Jennifer Mscisz.

Friends and family can make all the difference!

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