Enjoying a Staycation


I enjoy relaxing and definitely enjoy my vacations. ¬†On the other hand, life is short so I do tend to pack in as much as possible ūüôā ¬†Usually when I get a vacation I head out as far as I can to explore a distant land or I visit friends and family. ¬†There are so many things to do at home and places to explore, but I do not always have the time…

Recently I planned a vacation abroad for two weeks. ¬†I was very excited, but unfortunately plans fell through and I found myself at home with two weeks vacation. ¬†I was happy two have a vacation, but I suddenly did not have any planned family or friends to see, nor did I have any new lands to discover…or so I thought. ¬†

I decided to do a “staycation” in my home of Raleigh, NC for at least the first week. ¬†So far it has been amazing! ¬†I have discovered wonderful¬†restaurants and bars – great great food! ¬†Let’s see, had a breakfast that makes my mouth water just thinking about it at Dame’s Chicken and Waffles in Durham, had an incredible dinner at Sitti in Raleigh and the staff there was unmatched, and much more! ¬†Discovered a local wine shop and chocolate factory! ¬†I saw about 4 movies that I’ve been wanting to see and had a chance to see a couple local museums!

So far my staycation has been a breath of fresh air. ¬†It really has been awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone. ¬† ¬†Think about making your next vacation a STAYcation ūüėČ


Peace and Love,


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