Businessman Buys Out Entire Kmart Store & Donates It To Charity

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When the local Kmart in Clark County, Kentucky announced it was closing, a local business man knew that he could do something good for the area.  

Rankin Paynter, an owner of a successful jewelry exchange business in Winchester asked a Kmart clerk what they did with all of the unsold merchandise.  The clerk stated that the merchandise goes to power buyers.  Rankin signed up to be a power buyer and purchased all $200,000 worth of merchandise in the store.

In an interview with LEX18 News, Rankin Paynter stated: “What I see is people coming in my store, needy people sell their stuff,” said Paynter, who owns a jewelry exchange business in Winchester. “It’s bad nowadays. I just told (the clerk) lets just give it away to charity.”

Paynter donated all of the merchandise to the local Clark County Community Services.  Not only was this the largest single donation that the non-profit ever received, but Judy Crowe of Clark County Community Services also said that it is the first year that their organization will have enough clothes to provide all in need this winter.

Talk about Good News!!!

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