Lenovo CEO gives away his annual bonus to employees

- Image Credit: Jason P. Skoda/Special to Tribune
- Image Credit: Jason P. Skoda/Special to Tribune

Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of the Lenovo computer company, has made 10,000 of his employee very very happy :).  Coming off their best year ever with a 73% jump in profit, Yuangling was awarded a $3,000,000 bonus.  Yes, that is $3 MILLION! Instead of buying a batmobile, he decided to give it all away to 10,000 lower ranked employees in Lenovo’s office, call centers, and factories.  The compensation equated to about $314 per worker which is the equivalent to one month’s salary for many Lenovo workers.

The employees at Lenovo know that they are appreciated!  Hopefully more CEOs will follow suit.  Thank you Yang Yuanqing – You have made Good News headlines!


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– Thanks Mike for the story!

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