20th anniversary of Defcon hacking convention – increases knowledge on security

- Image Credit: JERRY HOLT, Star Tribune
- Image Credit: JERRY HOLT, Star Tribune

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the Defcon hacking convention in Las Vegas.  Each year, the convention brings together people from around the world to discuss security and innovation.

Although the term “hacker” generally has a negative connotation to the general public, the actual meaning is something very positive.  The true definition of hacker is someone that develops true mastery of a product and uses or modifies it in innovative ways.  As HowStuffWorks states:

Hackers were visionaries who could see new ways to use computers, creating programs that no one else could conceive. They were the pioneers of the computer industry, building everything from small applications to operating systems. In this sense, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were all hackers — they saw the potential of what computers could do and created ways to achieve that potential.

In this sense, hacking is a very good thing.  It helps push technology to the next level.  Hackers are the reason that we have laptops, phones, and electricity.  It’s because people constantly try new and innovative ways of using the world around us.  There are only a select few who give an entire community a bad rap.  Let’s focus on the majority that use technology for good.  As they say “With great power comes great responsibility” 🙂

Even if you cannot make it to Vegas this year to celebrate innovation and learn about security at Defcon, try to think about hacking in a positive light.  Who knows, maybe you have a little hacker deep inside of you and one day will bring the new big idea that will change the world!


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