Macy’s longest serving employee retires after 73 years

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Can you imagine staying with one company for 73 years?  That’s pretty difficult for many to comprehend because the average time that individuals stay at a particular job today is between 4 and 5 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Rose Syracuse Richardone began working at Macy’s flagship store in NY in 1939 when she was 17 years old.  She said that Macy’s has changed a lot since then going from a complete “one-stop” shop to the store that we are familiar with today.  “You could get meat, straight pins, really anything. “We had an apothecary, liquor store, and even a butcher shop. We have obviously evolved since then.”, Richardone said.

Now she is retiring from Macy’s at the age of 92!  She had a nice retirement party where Terry Lundgren, the current CEO of Macy’s, dropped to one knee and thanked her for her years of service.

During her farewell party, Rose stated “Life is good. You go on each day, you’re happy where you’re at. And people — bosses, supervisors, they appreciate you. And you stay. That’s the way it is. Thank God. It’s been good.”


Enjoy your retirement Rose!


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