How to fly around the world

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Have you ever wanted to embark on an adventure around the world?  Good World News has great news for you.  There is actually an “Around the World” plane ticket that you can buy!  We do not get any kick back for any of these services, but we thought that our readers would enjoy hearing about it.  These tickets are generally more expensive that a single round trip ticket to a foreign country, but definitely cheaper if you plan on making a few stops.

There are several companies which offer an around the world plane ticket.  Most have the same basic rules:

1.  Maximum of 16 stops

2.  Start and stop in the same country

3.  Have to complete your entire trip within one year

Not bad right?  So take a long vacation, enjoy life, and take that trip that you’ve been wanting to go on.  Let us know how it goes 🙂

Some resources to help you on your journey:

1. – This site has details on the various types of around the world services.

2.  Star Alliance – This is one of the companies that offers around the world tickets


Happy Travels!


– The Good World News


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