Will.i.am makes catchy uplifting song for kids

Credit: cleveland.com
Credit: cleveland.com

Have you ever heard a song that is so catchy, it makes people of all ages smile and dance?  Good News – Will.i.am has created an uplifting song on Sesame Street that has gone viral on youtube.  It currently has over 20 million views!  I’m not sure if it is 20 million different people or 5,000 parents that keep replaying the song for their kids :).  “Nothing’s going to bring me down…because I’ll keep getting stronger!”

I witnessed the true power of this song the other day when my brother was playing the song for my one year old nephew.  The lil man immediately started smiling when the song started.  Every time the characters lifted their hands in the air, he followed suit!  Then I looked around the room and the adults were all doing the same! 

I have since made the song my alarm clock in the morning so I can wake up with a smile! Hmm maybe he made the song for adults :).  Listen to it below and jam out!



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