Stark Hearing Foundation gives free hearing aids to people in need

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To see a child receive the gift of hearing is an incredible sight.  Their smile could light up a town 🙂  “So The World May Hear” is the slogan, and Stark Hearing Foundation is the name.  Stark Foundation is really making smiles around the world.

They claim that 95% of kids in deaf schools are actually not deaf – they can hear with a hearing aid.  Stark Hearing Foundation goes around the world distributing free hearing aids to individuals in need.  Hearing aids can cost up to $10,000.  Most people cannot afford this and that is where the Stark Hearing Foundation comes to the rescue!

In October of 2012, the Stark Foundation surprised 74 kids with free hearing aids at the Yankees game!

At the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), William F. Austin made the goal of delivering 1 million hearing aids by 2020.  They have already delivered over 800,000 hearing aids in more than 100 countries since 2000.  William believes that hearing is the answer to so many problems in the world including poverty and illiteracy.

The Stark Hearing Foundation is doing some amazing work.  This is one of the senses that so many take for granted and never think twice about.  Giving the gift of hearing is simply beautiful.


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