- Image Credit: Mindy Lam and Kelly Sia

This past Mothers Day like always was a special day to recognize and thank our mothers for all they have done for us.  Kelly Sia, daughter to Mindy Lam took this day to celebrate giving life to her mother who gave life to her.  19-year-old Kelly donated a kidney toContinue Reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!! Celebrate Mother’s day today and every day.  Give a mother a hug today. Any mother 🙂  Your mom, your grandma, wife, friend, mother earth, and all mothers deserve a smile :). Peace and Love, The Good World News Team  Continue Reading


Have you ever felt that peaceful and calm sensation when there is a nice warm campfire or a collection of candles in a quiet house?  Well the Robbins family wanted to experience that feeling each night in their Orange County, California home! Stacey Robbins explained – “The way people feelContinue Reading

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Noah Harrison, 19, has always made all of his gifts to his mother by hand.  Every birthday, every Christmas, and every holiday.  This year his gift was the gift of life. Two years ago, Noah’s mother, Erica Johnson was diagnosed with kidney failure.  She has suffered from years of chronicContinue Reading

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Geo, a seven month old German Shepherd-Collie mix is now a famous hero after saving a young boy’s life.  Carly Riley and her three sons Charlie, Ben, and Josh from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex were out for a walk with their puppy, Geo, when an out of control car started speeding theirContinue Reading