Airport custodian returns lost iPad with $13,000 stuffed in case and donates reward

- Image Credit: Miami Herald
- Image Credit: Miami Herald

Wow, no one likes losing anything, especially their expensive electronics.  But an iPad with $13,000?!!!  Say whaaaaaaaat?!

That’s right everyone.  Patrick Morgan, a custodian at an airport in Florida found an iPad with $13,000 cash in the case.

“I opened it first, and I saw all the money, and I quickly closed it back up,” said Morgan.

Patrick immediately notified the authorities and shortly afterwards the understandably panicked iPad owner showed up.  The iPad owner gave Patrick a $60 reward, but he did not hold onto the funds long.  Patrick gave some of the money to a homeless woman at the airport and the rest to a struggling coworker.

Is Patrick Morgan the MAN or what?!  The Broward County Aviation Department in Florida recognized his good deeds with a plaque and his employer, Sunshine Cleaning Systems gave him a $625 reward!

Patrick Morgan (right), presented with $625 reward by Mark Klein, SVP of Sunshine Cleaning Systems

“Patrick is such an outstanding and honest person,” said Larry Calufetti, president of Sunshine Cleaning Systems. “What he did speaks volumes about his personality.”

“It’s just a good feeling to know that I returned it and that’s the bottom line. I wasn’t looking for anything.” Patrick tearfully said at his awards ceremony.

Could Patrick Morgan be the most interesting man in the world?  Good World News thinks so.

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