Love outshines monsoon – couple weds rain or shine

- Image Credit: JJ Watt facebook
- Image Credit: JJ Watt facebook

Many pray for sun on their wedding day.  This young couple in love knew what was most important – each other.  They were not going to let anything get in their way, not even a monsoon!

The monsoon that hit the Philippines in August of 2012 landed right on their wedding day.  Ramoncito Campo and his wife Hernelie Ruazol Campo didn’t care.  They showed that their love ran so much deeper than water.  Awww 🙂

These two love birds have shown the world that you cannot control the weather, but you can express your love rain or shine!

Romoncito and Hernelie Campo share a kiss in the church after the wedding

Thank you Romoncito and Hernelie!  Not only have you shared the love with each other, but you have given smiles and love to everyone who sees your beautiful wedding picture.  Good World News wishes you the best!

Peace & Love,
The Good World News

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