Man teaches girlfriend how to read after stroke – heartwarming picture goes viral

- Image Credit: Matthew Ballesteroa
- Image Credit: Matthew Ballesteroa

Love can be so deep, so fulfilling, and absolutely contagious.  This couple’s love for each other is tickling the hearts of millions.

Who is this loving couple?  Meet John Allen, 82, and his girlfriend and love of his life, Linda Alexander.  Five years ago, Linda, then 65, suffered a stroke that inflicted brain damage.

“For a while, I couldn’t even talk – except to say, ‘I love you,’” Linda said.

John never gave up on Linda.  Six days a week he takes her to Starbucks where he uses flashcards to help her read again.  He also takes her to the gym three days a week to help her regain functionality in the right side of her body, which was partially paralyzed.

Matthew Ballesteroa and his friends saw John teaching Linda how to read in Starbucks.  Matthew couldn’t resist taking a picture of the loving couple.

“We could feel the love emanating off of them,” Matthew states. 

“My friends and I were overwhelmed by the love that these two had for each other, and I knew I wanted to let them know how much of an inspiration and a perfect example of true love they were to me”, Matthew said. 

He posted the picture on Reddit with a caption of “Patience, love and understanding at its finest”.  The picture went viral with over 2,000,000 views!  He also posted it on his facebook page with the story.

What a heartwarming story!  It’s always great to see true genuine love.

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