Billy Joel invites fan on stage to perform with him

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OK, I’m speechless after seeing this video.  Just imagine getting the opportunity to perform on stage with your role model and inspiration!  It was a dream come true for Michael Pollack, a student at Vanderbilt University.

Billy Joel hosted a Q&A session after his concert at the university.  Michael happened to be one of the lucky people to ask a question.  His question?  “I was wondering if I could play with you…I would accompany you that is…”, Michael asked with a shy voice.

Billy Joel’s answer, a simple “ok”, to a screaming crowd.

Their performance of “New York State of Mind” is absolutely magical.

“I love when that happens, that’s nice.  Good luck to you Michael, I think you’re going to do fine”, Billy Joel stated after the performance.

And that’s what’s good,

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