Ken Griffey Jr. helps fan replace stolen memorabilia

- Image Credit: (AP, @Fevurline)
- Image Credit: (AP, @Fevurline)

All seemed lost to Chris Fevurly and his son Nolan after burglars stole their collection of Ken Griffey Jr. baseball cards and their electronics.  Fortunately good people came together and made all the difference.

Their friends and neighbors created fundraisers to get them a new big-screen TV and helped replace some of their baseball cards.  The greatest gift of all came when the man, the myth, the legend, Ken Griffey Jr. himself called them on the phone!

How’d it go down?  Chris and Nolan received free court side seats to the Wichita State basketball game. During the game, another icon, Roberto Clemente Jr. walked up to them with an autographed picture of Ken Griffey Jr. along with a phone call from the man himself.

They may have lost some “stuff”, but they now have some amazing memories and new merchandise from friends and family.  Great news!

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