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California’s Mr. Baseball for the year of 2010, Cory Hahn was destined to be in the Big Leagues, and to make an impact. After high school, Cory was drafted in the 26th round to the San Diego Padres, but turned that down to play college baseball at Arizona State.    Continue Reading

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Washington Nationals baseball phenom Bryce Harper hit two home runs in his first two at-bats on opening day.  Harper is the youngest player in Major League Baseball History to go yard twice on opening day.  Harper was the National League Rookie Of the Year in 2012, and doesn’t look likeContinue Reading

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When being recruited to play college sports, often coaches will tell you that you are coming to their University to become part of their family, and that means making sacrifices for one another.  Tom Walter, the baseball coach for Wake Forest University made this promise quite apparent. Kevin Jordan wasContinue Reading

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All seemed lost to Chris Fevurly and his son Nolan after burglars stole their collection of Ken Griffey Jr. baseball cards and their electronics.  Fortunately good people came together and made all the difference. Their friends and neighbors created fundraisers to get them a new big-screen TV and helped replaceContinue Reading