Blind high school pole jumper qualifies for state tournament

- Image Credit: Jason P. Skoda/Special to Tribune
- Image Credit: Jason P. Skoda/Special to Tribune
If you have ever watched someone pole vault before, you can obviously tell how scary and how hard it looks.  Now imagine doing it blindfolded…you would go nooooooo wayyyyy!  Well that is basically what Christian High School pole vaulter Aria Ottmueller goes through ever time she hits that track. 
Ottmueller was born without sight, later gained some vision, but his still considered legally blind.  At night, she can’t see at all, she has no peripheral vision or depth perception and can’t see facial expressions.  She would not let her condition get in the way of her doing what she always wanted to do. 
You may ask then how she actually does it!?  Aria carefully counted the steps it would take in her approach, and where exactly must plant her pole.  Her coach says she lands around 14-15 out of her attempts. 
Of course Aria didn’t start pole vaulting for this amount of attention, but she just wanted to inspire people to never let anything get in your way of your goals.  Her dedication and hard work has paid off!  She vaulted 7 feet, 6 inches at the State Track meet at Mesa Community College! 
We wish you luck Aria in your future competitions!!!
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