Daughter gives life to her mother

- Image Credit: Mindy Lam and Kelly Sia
- Image Credit: Mindy Lam and Kelly Sia

This past Mothers Day like always was a special day to recognize and thank our mothers for all they have done for us. 

Kelly Sia, daughter to Mindy Lam took this day to celebrate giving life to her mother who gave life to her.  19-year-old Kelly donated a kidney to her mother Mindy who three years ago was diagnosed with hypertensive nephropathy, which almost took her life.  When the family found out of their mom’s condition, Kelly was only 16 and the minimum age to be a living donor is 18. 

Mindy went through many treatments over the last couple years, and when Kelly finally turned 18, she never hesitated to give her mother a kidney.  On this past Valentine’s Day, the two women went into successful surgery, and now have matching scars which they consider to be a badge of honor. Kelly says “Its more precious than a tattoo and symbolizes the rebirth of my mom”. 

What an amazing gift, and an amazing story.  Good luck to you both.


Have a great day, and let the Good News be Yours!


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