U.S. marine gets surprise reunion with “man’s best friend”

- Image Credit: Charlie Neibergall, AP
- Image Credit: Charlie Neibergall, AP

Sergeant Ross Gundlach spent a whole year in Afghanistan with a yellow lab named “Casey”, a bomb sniffing dog.  Together they went on over 150 successful bomb sniffing missions.

The two became so close, Sergeant Gundlach put a tattoo of Cacy with angel wings and halo on his arm.  When Sergeant Gundlach returned to The States, he promised that one day he would find Casey again. 

His promise came true when State Fire Marshal Director Ray Reynolds heard his story and arranged a surprise reunion.

“It was a total surprise.” “I owe her. I want to take care of her, but I owe her. I’ll just try to give her the best life I can.”, Sergeant Gundlach said.



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