When Aiden, who has type-1 diabetes, was 8 years old, he heard about service dogs who can monitor glucose levels.  Incredibly, these dogs can sense low glucose levels 30 minutes before a blood meter can pick this up.  These dogs cost $15,000, but Aiden wasn’t deterred and started saving oneContinue Reading

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The chances of a dog found on the streets ending up in a stable, happy forever home are, sadly, pretty slim. If you’re a dog like Oscar, who, for reasons unknown, is paralyzed, those chances drop nearly to zero.Oscar was staring at those odds when he was picked up byContinue Reading

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A pit bull is being hailed as a hero after saving his owner from a house fire.  Jackie Bonasera was drying her hair in her Long Island, NY home when she heard her dog, Cain, barking loudly.  When she ran downstairs, she saw that the house was on fire.  SheContinue Reading

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Geo, a seven month old German Shepherd-Collie mix is now a famous hero after saving a young boy’s life.  Carly Riley and her three sons Charlie, Ben, and Josh from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex were out for a walk with their puppy, Geo, when an out of control car started speeding theirContinue Reading

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Good News – The Baywatch supermodel, Pamela Anderson has made another rescue!!  She has been an avid animal supporter since her youth.  Now a vegan, Pamela was only in her early teens when she became vegetarian.  The blonde beauty actively campaigns and poses for the animal protection organization People forContinue Reading

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DeeDee Murry loves her longhaired dachshund, Hallie.  She found Hallie at an animal rescue in 2001.  You can say it was love at first sight.  DeeDee took her home and never looked back. DeeDee Murry, a Seattle native, is a professional painter who creates beautiful realistic animal portraits.  Hallie always watchesContinue Reading

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They say all dogs go to heaven and Titan, a pitbull in Atlanta is showing why.  This isn’t the 1989 animated film starring Burt Reynolds, this is real life. In July of 2011, John Benton was about to head out the door to go to work and sent their dogContinue Reading

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A heroic dog saved a toddler from drowning after the boy fell into a pool this weekend. A Michigan family got the shock of a lifetime when 14-month-old Stanley nearly drowned after in the pool in the backyard. The reason their son is alive today, they say, is thanks toContinue Reading