Bride’s good deed is rewarded with free wedding

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Megan Erickson and Jarrod Vancannon had their Iowa wedding all planned.  Megan made her $100 deposit on her $1035 dress and they were ready to wed!  Unfortunately, Jarrod got injured at work and suddenly they could not pay for their dream wedding. 

Megan went back to Pure Bridal and told them her story.  She said that she wanted to do a good deed and give her $100 deposit to the next bride that shows up.

“I could’ve gotten the money back, but I didn’t want to,” Megan, 24, said. “I just kind of did it on a whim.”

Kayse Carter, the Pure Bridal co-owner stated, “We were completely floored, because we knew how much that $100 meant to her.”

Pure Bridal decided to make it up to her.  They devised a plan to donate the dress to Megan AND gather wedding vendors to see if any could donate things to their wedding.  The gift started rolling in – free wedding rings, DJ, reception venue, honeymoon trip to Vegas, photographer, flowers, cake, and more!  Megan and Jarrod were given a completely free wedding!

Pure Bridal delivered the good news to Megan as a surprise!  The couple was simply floored 🙂

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