Have you ever suggested something to your significant other that was just so out of the world they couldn’t possible take you seriously!?  Well Tony Miller would always tell his Fiancee, Kaela Schenk that he dreamed of docking a pirate ship in his front yard! Then he came up withContinue Reading

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Brian Gargano and Jennifer Batugo are two love birds who wanted nothing more than to show their love and commitment through marriage. Unfortunately, in March, when they began planning their August wedding, Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer.  The doctors told her that she mayContinue Reading

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Megan Erickson and Jarrod Vancannon had their Iowa wedding all planned.  Megan made her $100 deposit on her $1035 dress and they were ready to wed!  Unfortunately, Jarrod got injured at work and suddenly they could not pay for their dream wedding.  Megan went back to Pure Bridal and toldContinue Reading