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You know what they always say – Dogs are an elephant’s best friend :)…I think that’s what they say.  Anyway, Bubbles (the elephant) and Bella (a black lab) became close friends when they were both young.  As they grew (especially Bubbles), their friendship grew even larger.  They enjoy playing catchContinue Reading

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What does every little girl want as a gift?  A pony!!  Two little girls got their wish when their father, Eric Reid, found a baby horse in desperate need for help. Eric is the manager of the Bureau of Land Management facility in Delta, Utah.  The facility takes care ofContinue Reading

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OK, be honest – have you ever seen something so adorable? 🙂  Maybe you have, but you have to admit that this little guy is pretty cute. This rare white sea turtle was discovered in Smyrna Beach, Fla.  He was too weak to keep up with his siblings that swamContinue Reading

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Boston (WCVB/CNN) – A Massachusetts pit bull saved her owner from an oncoming freight train, risking life and limb, to pull her off the tracks.    The woman survived, but the dog is severely injured.    David Lanteigne has adored this pit bull since recuing Lilly from a shelter toContinue Reading