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The First Lady got down on the Jimmy Fallon show with a hilarious “dance off” to promote good health.  She faced off with Jimmy Fallon who was dressed as a woman.  The dance episode was called “Evolution of Mom Dancing” and it show cased moves including “Go Shopping, Get Groceries”,Continue Reading

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As a response to a Change.org petition which quickly amassed over 100,000 signatures, Victoria’s Secret begins talks about a “survivor” bra. The petition was started by 21 year old, Allana Maiden, who’s mother, Debbie Barrett  is a breast cancer survivor. “My mom is a breast cancer survivor — 21 yearsContinue Reading

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Noah Harrison, 19, has always made all of his gifts to his mother by hand.  Every birthday, every Christmas, and every holiday.  This year his gift was the gift of life. Two years ago, Noah’s mother, Erica Johnson was diagnosed with kidney failure.  She has suffered from years of chronicContinue Reading

So it’s early on Sunday morning and your head is banging from partying on Saturday night.  The good times and the smiling memories are stuck somewhere behind that headache.  Well we have good news for you!  No need to mope around feeling down – chances are you may have theContinue Reading

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Allergy season just got a little sweeter 🙂  Some studies have shown that eating local honey may help relieve allergy symptoms.  How awesome is that?  Forget all of that prescription medicine – mother nature had the remedy right in front of us. So how does it work?  It almost worksContinue Reading