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Nationally, Boise, Idaho, is best known for Boise State football. But from the time he was 3 years old, Sam Jacobson was enthralled with hockey. He attended games to watch the Idaho Steelheads, an East Coast Hockey League team based in Boise, and he’d come home and imitate his favoriteContinue Reading

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The LA Kings are not only on the possible road to victory for the Stanley Cup, but they are also finding ways to help the community.  The Kings have donated $50,000 to help solve the killing of a young child.  While the loss of the child is incredibly saddening , it isContinue Reading

(CNN) — Martin Brodeur was unstrapping his goaltending pads after another victory, about to be rushed to a TV interview, when a reporter on deadline made a request. Could he answer just one quick question? “Yes, I’m 40,” Brodeur cracked, predicting the question before it could be asked. “For someContinue Reading