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Many call it the “golden anniversary”.  Others call it “OMG!!!”.  Fifty years of marriage is a beautiful event worth celebrating although it may be difficult for many to imagine – especially for those under 50 years old 🙂 425 couple celebrated their special day under a single roof – TheContinue Reading

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Picture this: 75 years of marriage. That’s what Freda and Glen Wall of Pleasanton will celebrate Monday. “We were so young,” said Glen, who at 95 looks two decades younger. “We didn’t know any better.” In fact, the groom was just 20 and the bride was 19. “I didn’t formallyContinue Reading

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The results are in and has announced it’s top 10 U.S cities for happy marriages.  It looks like North Carolina is a happy marriage state with two locations in the top 10.  Not only did Raleigh, recently get the award for best place to live in the U.S, butContinue Reading

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Arctic explorer Borge Ousland, 49, whisked his bride-to-be off to the northern-most point on Earth. And there — with a party of 15 including the best man, bridesmaid and a helicopter crew — Borge married fiancée Hege, 35. It means the Norwegian and his new wife are the first peopleContinue Reading


Today’s proposals aren’t like the old days.  So it should be no surprise that when a boy wants to propose to his best girl, he might want to pop the question with a little pizzazz.  Enter Albert Smith and his flash mob marriage proposal.     A beautiful young girlContinue Reading