Robby Novak, 9, aka “Kid President” grew famous by his YouTube videos where he pretends he is The President. He dresses in a suit, sits behind an official looking desk with the American flag, and gives advice to adults. All of that hard work paid off when the “Kid President”Continue Reading

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After 10 years of producing all hardware in China, Apple plans to move production of some macs to the U.S.  Apple customers have been asking the company to make this change for years.  Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, says the change will happen in 2013.  The company has not released anyContinue Reading

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“Hallelujer!!” is exactly what Madea would say in this good news.  This isn’t the movies though, and Tyler Perry isn’t playing the Madea role.  This is real life and Tyler Perry just made someone very very very happy. On September 30th, 2012, a $60,000 specialty equipped van was stolen fromContinue Reading