For anyone who might have missed it, February 7th, 2017, Super Bowl Sunday, was the day we watched tearfully as 75,000 people at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, held up plastic tiles, faithfully and without knowing why, to reveal the message, “Believe in Love.” Dr. Sherry Sami, co-founder ofContinue Reading

In addition to finding food to eat and a place to sleep, the homeless experience great difficulty in washing and drying what they are wearing, often the only clothes they have. Pope Francis has opened a free laundromat for the poor of Rome. It will soon be expanded to includeContinue Reading

Not wanting to run up more debt, 21-year-old Cayla Chandara was working double shifts as a waitress, trying to pay off college loans before returning to school to finish her education. Two customers struck up a conversation, and Chandara told them about school and her dreams for the future. TheyContinue Reading

Emilia Flores, a restaurant owner in Dallas, Texas, set up a “Take one, leave one” coat rack for the homeless. The rack, located outside her place of business, makes available free coats, hats, and scarves during frigid weather. “This is a way of people not being embarrassed about asking,” FloresContinue Reading

Leo Kellner, a 98-year-old from Nebraska, has found a sweet, sweet way of lifting the spirits of those in need, those who are less fortunate than he. He was poor and hungry during the depression, but during those difficult times his mother worked magic with flour and eggs, and LeoContinue Reading