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After 10 years of producing all hardware in China, Apple plans to move production of some macs to the U.S.  Apple customers have been asking the company to make this change for years.  Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, says the change will happen in 2013.  The company has not released anyContinue Reading

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Where have all the computer science graduates gone?  That’s the question that Microsoft is not only asking, but they are taking action to improve those numbers.  According to the Association for Computing Machinery, there are an estimated 150,000 computer science jobs opening up every year for the foreseeable future.  DespiteContinue Reading

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BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) — It’s not often you hear something good about a virus. They can make you sick, or wreak havoc on your computer. But a special virus being studied at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory could one day add years to your life.   A little science experiment couldContinue Reading


CarolinaCon8 has started in Raleigh, NC!  It is the annual technology and security convention dedicated to taking technology to the next level.  Check it out!Continue Reading