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Anthony “Joe the Barber” Cymerys started volunteering at homeless shelters in Hartford, Conn around 1988.  Around that time, he met a heroin addict who looked as though he needed a haircut, and Anthony decided to help him out.  Ever since then, he came up with an idea to give freeContinue Reading

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It’s always interesting to see what professional athletes do with their lives after their careers have ended.  What happened to those players that had so much potential coming out of high school or college, but just didn’t pan out in the pros.    Jonathan Bender had franchise player written allContinue Reading

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When 5 year old Jocelyn Rojas went missing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, two teenage boys jumped on their bikes to help the police search for her.  Less than a mile away, Temar Boggs, 15, and his friend spotted Jocelyn in a sedan.  The two teenagers began their pursuit of the car. Continue Reading


Michael Campbell, at 22 years old is the youngest helicopter tour pilot in New York City.  Fresh out of training, he knew exactly what to do when things went wrong. He was 12 minutes into a 25 minute tour he was giving to four Swedish passengers when the helicopter engineContinue Reading