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“Captain Planet, he’s a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!”.  Who remembers that Saturday morning cartoon?  That used to be one of my absolute favorite cartoons growing up.  I decided to search for it one day and I discovered something amazing.  It turns out that there is a CaptainContinue Reading

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A young father who became trapped in his own body after suffering a stroke has learnt how to walk and talk again – by copying his baby daughter. Mark Ellis was just 22 when he suffered a stroke and locked in syndrome – a nightmarish condition which leaves the sufferer’sContinue Reading

HUECO TANKS STATE PARK AND HISTORIC SITE, Tex. — With a concentrated squint, Ashima Shiraishi silently sized up her first rock of the day, a menacing slab of jagged beige boulder 20 feet high, scuffed by white chalk left behind from bigger, older, more experienced climbers. Enlarge This Image ErichContinue Reading

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CALGARY — He’s not quite out of diapers yet, but a Calgary toddler has become the youngest person in Canada to join the ranks of the international high IQ society, Mensa. Meet Anthony Popa Urria. At two years and nine months, Anthony has a staggeringly high IQ score of 154,Continue Reading